A comprehensive list of information pertaining to the profiles of the 2020 EXCO is available for your information, click here, for more information. EXCO have finalised the Strategic Plan for the next few years and Committees will be set up to drive the actions that would be required to achieve these objectives. MA’s are encouraged to avail themselves to these Committees when the invitations for such participation are extended. It is envisaged that this should happen within in the next two months.

  1. Kabelo J. Motswagole (President) – Botswana
  2. Abe Thela (Deputy President) – South Africa
  3. James N. Mwangi (Immediate Past President)  – Kenya
  4. George C. Okoroma (Honorary Treasurer) – Nigeria
  5. Rizwan Qadri (Honorary Secretary) – Tanzania
  6. Alex Turihohabwe – Uganda
  7. Bruno Vedor – Mozambique
  8. Marie T. Diallo – Mali
  9. Jeshika Ramchund – South Africa
  10. David Mwangi Ngokonyo (FIDIC AFRICA Future Leaders Committee) – Kenya
  11. Patrick Kampengele – Zambia
  12. Chris Campbell (FIDIC AFRICA Secretariat) – South Africa